Real Estate Law

Our law firm specialises in real-estate law, including the relevant tax law, building & construction law, company law, estate planning/succession law and commercial & sales law. 


We serve the legal needs of

  • builders, property developers, construction companies, architects, real-estate agents, property managers, investors   
  • private buyers/sellers, private owners, private investors (freehold properties, investment apartments)


We negotiate and draft agreements (buying, selling, rent, lease, asset transfer, building law, buildings on third-party land, mortgages, easements and servitudes, usufruct, life estates), act as fiduciaries, advise you on funding, secure property development projects as fiduciary agents pursuant to the Property Development Act, assess land transfer tax, property yield tax, and fees, ensure title registration in the land register; we create and modify titles to home ownership and condominiums and provide legal advice on structuring and managing real-estate projects.


Also, we represent clients in court and administrative proceedings in matters relating to land transfer, land zoning, building law, commercial and fiscal matters.


With our specialist know-how, our experience and the way our law offices are organised, we can offer personalised, professional, efficient and transparent assistance in your real-estate projects.