Succession Law / Estate Planning

We assist you in transferring assets (real estate, companies, shares, other assets) from one generation to the next, by way of succession (last wills, inheritance contracts, donations causa mortis) and inter vivos.


We ensure the future livelihood of the transferring generation and the dedicated use of their “life achievements”, by e.g. retaining rights of usufruct, life estates, rights of disposition, and bans on encumbrance and sale. We also help the succeeding generation plan their future.


Succession planning involves a vast number of legal fields: civil law, succession law, family law, real-estate law, rental law, company law and foundation law as well as the specific claims of those entitled to a compulsory portion and of protected minors.


We put a strong emphasis on careful fiscal planning of asset transfers.


We provide legal advice and represent you in probate proceedings and will enforce your inheritance rights and claims to a compulsory portion.