Company Law

We assist you in company formation (standard forms GmbH, AG, OG, KG, GmbH & Co KG, GesbR, e.U.), as well as with corporate re-organisation (mergers, conversions, contributions of assets, amalgamations, property splits, de-mergers) and restructuring. We assist you in drafting individual agreements between partners (syndicate agreements, fiduciary arrangements) and agreements governing corporate bodies (byelaws). We will identify the legal and organisational form that best suits the needs of your company.

We provide legal advice and assist you acquiring and selling companies (share deals, asset deals). We draft all the required agreements and secure your rights.


Private foundations are often at the interface of corporate management, asset management and succession planning. It is vital that you carefully determine what rights the settlor and the beneficiaries should have, as well as disbursements to beneficiaries and ultimate beneficiaries. We will work out the right arrangement for you.


Associations are essential players when it comes to doing business, they often run companies and manage assets. The purpose of an association may range from anything like conducting business activities to promoting and safeguarding the interests of its members or charitable work. We assist you in setting up an association, draft its statutes and advise on all commercial and proprietary matters.